Supporting Local
Craft Breweries

Minnesota has quickly become a haven for small craft breweries that specialize in creating rich, unique flavors that are distinct from larger breweries… and we’re here for it! Of over 100 brewing establishments in the state, the Twin Cities hails half of them – and presents great opportunities to tour their spaces. But you can do most of them in one spot! Offering up a vast variety of local brews, along with your favorite mainstreams, First Draft is the only pour-your-own taproom with seltzers, spirits, wine, cocktails, kombuchas, and ciders on tap. We switch up the repertoire weekly to keep it nicely assorted and partner with multiple local craftsmen and craftswomen to ensure the most innovative tasting experience. This page is updated in realtime via Untappd. Check back daily for new releases or find notes about other guests tasting experiences. Lastly, do you see an opportunity for us to add an incredible product, send us an email @!